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In the Dark is where I like to be

I like hiding in small corners where no one can find me. Obviously I have to dress cute just in case I am found. What’s the use of looking fugly?

Today at CandyDoll you can find this Vanessa set for 75L each for Lazy Sunday. That’s skin, teeth tattoo layers and shape. Your choice. These are all a great price and I would grab them if you can.

The hoodie I am wearing is from HolliPocket. You can find the little popcorn bag, since it’s part of the ZombiePopcorn hunt. It’s so comfy and such a cute color. I am also wearing one of HolliPocket’s tattoos. You can find them in the gacha machine or just buy the fatpack.


Hair: Apple II – (was this past Fifty Linden Friday item)

Skin: Vanessa – CandyDoll (Lazy Sunday item)

Teeth: Vanessa Teeth Style 1 – CandyDoll (Lazy Sunday item)

Shape: Vanessa – CandyDoll (Lazy Sunday item)

Eyes: Killer’s Ice Cold Gaze – Forsaken (part of The Flesh Game hosted by Sn@tch)

Top: Hoodie Tee – HolliPocket (ZombiePopcorn Hunt item)

Bottom: Faded Whisker – HolliPocket

Tattoo: Hot Accent? (from the Raunche Tats) – HolliPocket (this past week’s Grenade Free Wednesday item)

Prop: Lightbox – Glitterati


Skipping on graves

I have been finding all this uberfabtabulous stuff in my inventory that I have yet to blog. Like this cute little dress from Acid & Mala. I also paired it with this past fridays 50L Friday items: hair from Clawtooth and skin from Fashionably Dead. Also new is the makeup layer from Lolapop. New gacha items called “La Llorona”. They were 5L a hit but may have gone up to the regular of 25L. Go have a looksie, plenty of colors to win and you can exchange with friends.


Hair: Pretty Words – Clawtooth (50L Friday Item)

Skin: Morning Sun – Fashionably Dead (50L Friday Item)

Shape: Custom – Baby’s Got A Temper

Makeup: La Llorona – Lolapop (New Gacha Item)

Eyes: Stelle – Glam Affair (Old ZombiePopcorn Hunt gift)

Dress: Halter Dress – Acid & Mala

Shoes: Fringe Sweed Sneaker – Anexx (50% off sale until Sept. 4th)

Poses: Lauria

So I was doing the FTLO Summer Scavenger Hunt thats going on now and got this ossm Green Woman outfit from gilded. It comes with all sculpted pieces leaf mask, leaf bra and leaf loin cloth. My one complaint is that its no mod but for 1 L I cant complain too much!

Style card as follows:

gilded: Green Man + Green Woman Outfit from FTLO Hunt

Hair Truth Enix in Apple

Horns .{Rue}. Horn’d/Scholar: Siren pack (7Seas Blues)

Ears [Gauze] High Elf Ears

Faun Legs [Gauze] Faun Legs – Cools

Skin Group gift from (red) Mint Goblin green includes cleavage layer and sculpted nails

Tattoo GoK The Day of the Humming

Pose old group gift from Posies Sorcerer

Picture taken in the beautiful Alirium Gardens

Enjoying the summer…

It’s July and that means that summer will be ending all too soon. I try to keep my thoughts in the sun and enjoying the outdoors as much as possible, whether in SL or RL. I am lucky to have a home on SL that is beach themed. I have the sand in my toes and the water just steps away from my door.

Remember a few posts back I was blogging a few outfits from Erotique Designs? Well, Jania Cleanslate was invited to make a dress for Designer Showcase. It’s available for 50L. It’s really cute and flirty. Perfect for those summer dates or just to throw on over your bathing suit.


Hair: Yew – Illusory

Shape: Custom – Baby’s Got A Temper (IM Daarc Dagger for your custom shape, mention me for 200L off)

Skin: Pollon – Al Vulo! (At The Fashion Garret)

Eyes: Love Affair – A.D.D. Andel

Dress: Summer Dress – Erotique Designs

Poses & Prop: Caroline’s Sunglasses – Caroline’s Jewelry (They were available at Pose Fair)

Geek Sheek is Open!

So I finally got my crap together enough to get my little shop open!  I was fortunate to snag a small shop on the Everwilde sim.  It has made it to the top of the Spotlight Showcase and has only been open a short time!  I recommend exploring it as there is a lot to do, not to mention it’s beautifully done.

I currently have 14 sets of fun matching geeky hats & sneakers up for sale, as well as a free gift for you all.  Now for those of you who like fun, geeky, silly and all things similar, my stuff is for you LOL!  I do have a SL group free to join which I will send group gifts out in once I get going a bit more.

Here is a peek at some of what I have up.

As you can see, each set is only $100L each.  All my stuff will be fairly cheap.  Ok now for that free gift…

So far I have the Dotty Sets up, but am working on more as well as a lot of other items (more hats, shoes, bags, accessories…) as well.  I am hoping to have more up soon, including gachas so stay tuned!

SLURL for my shop

My marketplace home




Grand Opening at Everwilde

Everwilde is the brainchild of several friends of mine.  Not only did they create a sim that is beautiful to look at, but they created an atmosphere that is welcoming to everyone.  You will find several areas including a street with shops, a park, greenhouse gallery, even a lounge for all to go and unwind from a crazy day.  Everwilde Cafe has games for all to play, such as Pictionary, Clued Up, Truthball and much more.  It is definitely a place where you and all your friends can hang out and have a good time together.  Bowie Zeplin is one of the owners and took some amazing photos for her blog that showcase the sim, I will post some below so you can get a peek.

The grand opening is Friday so take the time to go and take it all in.  There will be dollarbies and/or free items put out by some of the shops on sim for you all as well so don’t miss that. My shop Geek Sheek is there and while I do not have things set out just yet, I will make sure I do have a free gift or two for those who stop by.    🙂

I imagine you would like to see what the sim looks like so here we go, time to oogle!

Pretty right?  Yeah, they did an amazing job on everything.  Head on over and see it first hand.  Here is your taxi

If you want to read more about the sim and what it has, you can read the post Bowie herself did about it today.


July 4th…..a bit late

I am sorry. I should have posted about this skin yesterday but I was too tired with all the fireworks and stuff. But here it is a day late. I think there is still time to get it at the 150L special price!!!


Hair: Luna – Magika (available at Hair Fair)

Skin: Luna (Lumiel) – Leafy (available for 150L for short time)

Eyes: Glamour – Rockberry

Shape: Custom – Baby’s Got A Temper

Piercings: D-Plugs & Euphoria – i-Poke

Necklace: Path to Forgiveness – Haus of Darcy

Top: Butch Tank – Sn@tch

Bottom: The Hangover – Fir & Mna

Wings: Aranel’s Wings – BOOM

Tattoo: Oriental Flower – Kanival Tattoo

Poses: !Bang

Its prom time and I’m so there! Me and my partner in crime Tiphareth Designs, both have wonderful items to offer! Here is a sneak peak and your limo ride to the event!

Here is your limo to the prom

Hugz ~n~ Stuff


Going to Hollywood?

It’s Moody Monday again. It really has been a moody monday on my end. I just can’t deal with Mondays haha. Well I wanted to take a trip to Hollywood…..but the closest I got was with my tattoo. Check it out! (The Hollywood tattoo is available for 55L at the Hooligan Streetwear mainstore. Go check it out. You won’t be disappointed.)

The skin is new to CandyDoll. Her name is Alizee. She is beautiful and so sweet. Hope you enjoy the photos down below.


Hair: Iekelene – 99 Elephants

Skin: Alizee (Lila Tanned) – CandyDoll

Shape: Custom – Baby’s Got A Temper

Eyes: Grand Canyon – Poetic Colors

Nipple Tape: Unholy – Sn@tch

Top: Sookie Denim Corset – Sn@tch

Tattoo: Hollywood – Hooligan Streetwear (Moody Monday Item)

Bottom: Bottoms Up – HolliPocket

Poses: Exposeur

Someone’s Daughter

Or am I? Okay, I am someone’s daughter. At least….well never mind that. Let me show you what’s new at Sn@tch!


Hair: Poppyseed – !lamb

Skin: Ren (Sparrow – Mint) – Grixdale

Shape: Custom – Baby’s Got A Temper

Ciggie: O!Bleak

Eyes: Foggy Morning – Poetic Colors (Sale until tomorrow)

Necklace: Pebbles & Dreams – Apple May Designs (Chic Boutique item)

Bracelets: Inka (Red) – JD Designs (Chic Boutique item)

Top: Someone’s Daughter – Sn@tch (new)

Bottoms: Eighty Four Denim – Pink Outfitters

Shoes: Flower Flats – A.D.D. Andel

Poses: LAP